Road Engineering, LLC an American road construction multinational company specializing in providing alternative road construction methods. The Road Engineering Builders and Contractors team of engineering, design and construction experts are committed to supplying customers with products and methods that provide real solutions for their road building and soil stabilizing projects. Our systems are engineered to be green and sustainable.

Our products and installation protocols are customized for each client and their unique project objectives. We have the most technologically advanced systems and superior technical support to engineer performance driven solutions.

This type of road is perfect for rural roads which have regular and heavy weight traffic with speeds up to 100-120 kilometers per hour on average. It will withstand higher speeds, but will start to wear off eventually. For higher speeds our cold LBS asphalt application is much more efficient.

Instead of using traditional polymers for stabilizing these roads (which need ideal close to lab conditions to actually work), we use our own proprietary iconic macro-molecule mixture. Our iconic mix works on most types of dirt without having to worry so much about moisture equality or continuity.

It encapsulates and binds the dirt at the molecular level, keeping the natural moisture trapped. This is why it last so long, trapping the moisture prevents drying and cracking when exposed to the elements. It also prevents the fast wear typically associated with traditional polymers.